Things that make my stay in Korea so amazing

When I return from Korea, I think I’ll remember all the events, all the high points, all the big things I did.

  • Eating crazy foods
  • Visiting exotic places
  • Hiking awesome mountains
  • Experiencing different cultures
  • Touring ancient temples
  • Trying things I’ve never tried before… and probably won’t get a chance to try again

Those are the things I’ll remember. Those are the stories I’ll tell.

But really the high points, the big things, the things that have actually made this amazing are all the little moments I’ve spent with friends.

  • Waiting for a subway
  • Sitting in a park
  • Chatting at a restaurant
  • Walking home late at night
  • Taking pictures
  • Saying goodbyes

The things that make my stay here so amazing are the small moments I won’t remember.