They made different decisions

I often marvel at how lives can turn out differently. One day, we’re all sitting together, seemingly very similar. The next day (or the next year), our paths have diverged, and it’s hard to imagine much less recall how close we seemed back in the day.

That’s when I say, “They made different decisions.”

  • I have friends who are younger than I am getting married now. They made different decisions.
  • I have other friends who aren’t married yet but have kids (yeah, plural). They made different decisions.
  • I have friends who’ve traveled to dozens of countries, some even just over the past few years, while others have never left their State. They made different decisions.

Some have degrees. Others dropped out of high school. Some have careers. Others remain unemployed. Some have given up consumerism. Others have nice cars. Some have tattoos. Others have scars. Some have YouTube channels full of views. Others prefer to stay private.

Some have changed a lot. Others, not at all.

Sometimes I admire other people’s situations. Sometimes I admire their experiences. Other times, I know people think that about some of the things I’ve done, some of the things I even take for granted (playing drums comes to mind).

They made different decisions, though, and so have I.