The unintelligence of .25¢

When a scrolling, McDonald’s marquee in southern Indiana advertises pies for .50¢, I assume someone simply didn’t know any better. No offense, dear McD’s employees, but you don’t have a reputation for intelligence anyway.

But when the local, Louisville Free Public Library marks all its videos with stickers warning the world of a .25¢ per day late fee, I know the situation is more serious. The city library system, that bastion of personal education, should know better.

See, intelligent reader that you are, you caught that “.25¢” actually says, “point two-five cents,” not, “twenty-five cents.” But the library didn’t?


Am I to assume I’m paying a fraction of a cent for each day I keep the video past its due date? Or am I to assume the folks at the library are simply unintelligent?

Weighing the implications of each, I’ll assume the first.

(“Twenty-five cents” should be printed “$.25” or “25¢,” not .25¢