The three E’s of education

These are the three E’s of education: examineexperience, and experiment.

  • Examine: You look at it. You listen to it. You learn what it’s all about. You ask some questions, both internally to guide your thought process and externally to get additional input. You research it. You study it. You examine it.
  • Experience: You try it. You do it. You feel what it’s all about. You appreciate some of the answers more than you ever did before, but abandon the rest. You get into it. You enjoy it. You experience it.
  • Experiment: You test it. You push it. You question what it’s all about. You change some of the answers to your questions, the ones you learned from others and the ones you discovered on your own. You develop it. You rework it. You experiment with it.

Notice, no numbers. The sequence is rarely the same. Plus, once you cover one E and continue to another, you often wind back to the one you started with. Such is the nature of education.