The people you have to go and get

Two kinds of people visit this blog regardless of whether I notify them.

  1. Fanatics. They’re the ones who show up because they just love the blog (or me) that much.
  2. Stumblers. They’re the ones who randomly find the blog through Google or through a link someone posts or something.

The fanatics are wonderful. The stumblers are pointless.

But the majority of readers are neither. The majority of readers don’t come automatically, but they will come if I go and get them.

Artists tend to target the first two groups, the crazy fans and the randomites. They assume that if they have to go and get people, the people don’t really care.

But that’s dead wrong. Most people are just too busy. Even if they do care, let’s face it: they forget their kid’s baseball games too.

Business people know about getting people. That’s what marketing and sales are all about. Their struggle is getting people who care instead of herding in randomites.

Overall, though, that’s the tricky part: finding then going and getting the people you have to go and get.