The parable of the repainter

A man decided he wanted to change the color of his living room. So one Saturday morning, he ventured to the paint shop and picked up a few cans of yellow paint. Back in his living room, he began to yellow the walls.

The walls took most of the afternoon to cover, but by the evening, they shone bright.

The next day, the man woke up, drove to the paint shop, and picked up a few cans of white paint. Again, he painted his living room. By evening, his walls were wet and white, and he was done for the night.

But the next morning, that Monday, instead of going to work, the man drove to the paint shop once again, purchased a few cans of paint, blue this time, and proceeded to repaint his walls for the third time in as many days.

This process repeated the entire week, each day the room switching shades.

Friday, the man received a phone call from work, not the first since the week began but the last. They said he lost his job, citing some issue about him never calling to let anyone know why he skipped, never apologizing, never even answering his phone.

As a result of losing his job, the man later lost his house. And all the layers of paint in the living room passed back to the bank. When they came to claim the property, they noticed the man pull out of the driveway and head in the direction of the paint shop. Inside, the walls of the living room, now green, still felt wet.