The ones who need to pay attention

Case 1: Standing before a class of 12 students, three listen intently. The rest either don’t pay attention or actively try to steal attention.

But the ones who listen, well, they don’t really need to. The ones who don’t pay attention, though, they’re the ones who need to care.

Case 2:┬áSome parents read parenting books. Others ignore the books. Thing is, the ones who read the books probably don’t need them. The very fact that they care enough to learn more shows that they probably care enough to care for their kids well regardless of what the books tell them to do.

On the other hand, parents who don’t read these books probably should. They’re the ones who would do well to take the advice of more experienced experts.

Each case points to one lesson. The ones who need to pay attention, don’t. And the ones who don’t need to pay attention, do. It’s just the way it is.