The official, "Marshall Jones Jr.," Facebook fan page

In a fit of selfish arrogance last night, I created the official, “Marshall Jones Jr.,” Facebook fan page.

When I set it up, Facebook asked me what I was. I almost entered “Public figure” but figured “Writer” probably fit better. Now when you visit the page, it says I’m an author. What does Facebook know, right?

I set up the page to hopefully fix a problem I’ve had for a while. I want to post on Facebook when I write something here, but at the same time, I feel spammy doing it every, single day.

So the fan page is an opt-in way to still share on Facebook. Here’s the deal if you fan the page (as in click the fan button on the page, not blow air at it):

  • You’ll get daily updates for blog posts in your Facebook, news feed.

Now I know normally when you invite someone to do something, you want to give them a ton of benefits, not one, lone bullet point. Maybe this will weed out my only-your-friend-when-you-give-me-at-least-10-bullet-points friends. :>)

No pressure. Honest.

But I’d love it if you did sign up. In fact, I’d love YOU.

Oh, and if I get more than 25 fans there, I get to have an “easier to share” link.

  • From this:
  • To this:

I’m sure you can see why I’d like to get over 25 fans, and I hope you can see why you’d want to join too.

>> Fan the page here <<

Thanks, guys.

[Update: Yep, you did it… within five hours and about half an hour before midnight. I can sincerely say you’re the best fans I’ve ever had… on facebook. You can now find the page here:

Thank you.]