The near impossibility of empathy

As I consider the people around me, the people I see and interact with each day, I realize the near impossibility of empathy.

  • The anchor reporting the news every evening
  • The pastor preparing a sermon each Sunday
  • The mother waking up for her baby at night
  • The politician debating and balancing evils
  • The author editing a manuscript again and again
  • The teacher reaching students in a classroom
  • The student studying for exams in the middle of the night
  • The farmer slaughtering cows at work

It’s really, really hard for me to empathize with the people I see all the time. It’s easy to justĀ absorbĀ them into my life without considering theirs. It’s normal for me to take everyone for grated.

I try to notice and then feel what they must feel, but it’s nearly impossible. Why then do I expect empathy from them?