The monkey, the lion, and the leprechaun

There once was a monkey, a lion, and a leprechaun. The monkey had three bunches of bananas, harvested from the highest trees in the jungle. The lion had three steaks, swiped from the sides of unfortunate zebras. The leprechaun had three four-leaf clovers, plucked from the fields in front of his house.

One day, a woman walked by and, seeing the monkey with all his bananas, thought to herself, Why that’s not fair! The monkey ought to share. So the woman took one bunch of bananas from the now shrieking monkey and divided them between the lion and the leprechaun.

A little while later, a man walked by. Seeing the lion with all his steaks, the man thought to himself, Why that’s not fair! The lion ought to share. So the man took two steaks while the lion wasn’t looking and gave one to the monkey and one to the leprechaun.

Finally, a child walked by. The child saw the leprechaun with all his clovers and thought to herself, Why that’s not fair! The leprechaun ought to share. So the child took all three clovers and trotted off down the road, singing merrily of the luck she’d found.

And they all lived happily ever after, right?