The Lime Coke Diet

Not to be confused with the Lime, Diet Coke, this is actually a wonderful diet strategy. Here’s how it works.

If you’re going to drink a soda, you only drink Lime Coke… and by “Lime Coke,” I mean Coca-Cola with actual limes in it, not the fake, already-been-made Lime Coke. By Lime Coke, I mean the best soda in the entire world.

Sounds like a wonderful diet, right?

It works because you don’t get Lime Coke too often, so you might actually drink less soda and stay healthier, and since it’s so amazing, you don’t miss the rest (like Pepsi, et al.) that much.

But this isn’t about Lime Coke.

The general principle is this: enjoy what you love but cut out the rest.

  • It works for what you eat.
  • It works for what you read.
  • It works for what you wear.
  • It works for what you buy.
  • It works for how you spend your time each day.

Focus on what you love, and go extravagant there. But dump what you don’t love.

You’ll notice that you appreciate the good stuff even more but actually save time/money/effort/health by not wasting it on the stuff you don’t really, really enjoy.