The legacy post

There’s a post I wrote a while ago that continues to be the most popular one I’ve ever published anywhere. More people have read the lines in it than anything else I’ve written.¬†Every day, hundreds of people read at least some of it.

I wrote it in one sitting, without thinking of the topic or title ahead of time. I didn’t optimize it for search results. I didn’t optimize it for reading at all really: no intro paragraph, no conclusion, no jokes thrown in for the fun of it. I just churned it out, not realizing it would be seen by as many people as it has.

It’s called “100 questions to ask people.”

I didn’t know it, or plan it, but that post says a lot about me. I’m grateful that for that. I’m grateful that the post the most people read says something I’d like it to say. It says, “Hey, let me help you. Here’s a bunch of cool questions you can ask your friends or whatever.”

I like that.