The later the night, the honester the Marsh

I started out here (at 3:50 am) with a post titled “I hate you. . . personally.”

Now, I’d like to say I get meaner at night. But the truth is, I’m not meaner. I’m more honest, or at least more openly honest.

It’s like my guard goes down with tiredness. I say what I’m feeling instead of what I think might make me look good or what I think might help you.

So if you want an honest, brutally honest, response from me, you’re better off talking with me late at night. On the other hand, if you want less brashness, the morning is your time.

What about you?

Anyway, this got me thinking, right? Which is better?

I mean, is it better to be an openly honest Marsh or a slightly more sensitive Marsh? Which do you prefer?

Or maybe you’re in that honest mode, thinking, “Uh, Marshall, I don’t care. I hate you. . . personally.”