The last day: What do you do?

So today was the last full day in Louisville. I will fly out tomorrow evening at 6:57. What was I supposed to do today? What would you have done?

A simple rundown of what I did:

  • Packed, sorted, and threw stuff out.
  • Visited the bank, tried to get my cards to work internationally, but never worked that out.
  • Saw my friend, Sarah, opened a going away/birthday present, and said goodbye to her.
  • Picked up two pairs of pants from Kohl’s and then a couple other, “body care” products (that’s what it said on the sign at K-Mart).
  • Saw a double rainbow.
  • Ate at Taco Bell with William (Deal #3, Fresco style, with a Baja Blast) before picking up Ted from school.
  • Ate dinner with Poppy and Momma and Teddy, William, Raquel, and Zach.
  • Watched Michael Scott leave The Office.
  • Played Mafia and Spoons, the card games, with my friends, the Lyons.
  • Talked with Ted.
  • Read a great quote: “Rainbows are made of sunlight and rain.” Elizabeth Elliot
  • Packed some more.

There’s a crazy lot of things I would have liked to do today. Thing is, when the last day comes, you don’t have time to think about what you want to do. Everything just happens, you know, like the rest of life, really.

And it turns out pretty well, as long as you pay attention.

Today was my last full day in Louisville. What was I supposed to do? What would you have done?