The international Olympics

All my Olympics leading up to 2012 have felt just American. After living and traveling abroad, though, the these ones felt different. For the first time, I experienced them as an international audience and with an international audience.

And the international flavor makes it taste all that much better.

  • I could root for multiple countries and have good reasons for it instead of just because I liked the flag or a movie shot in that country.
  • I could hear about some of the scores ahead of time on Facebook instead of just assuming time zones in the future don’t really exist.
  • I could watch competitions that didn’t involve the United States at all and still feel like I had a stake in it, instead of skipping those ones altogether.
  • I could appreciate the¬†sportsmanship¬†of the athletes congratulating one another in English, even when none of them were native English speakers.

The world looks and feels and is different for me now.