The history behind Profiles

I once started a journal – I think I was about 10, but I’d have to check the date in the journal – specifically to write about the people I cared about. The idea was to share who they were, what they liked, what they were like, why I liked them, and of course why I cared about them.

The first day in the journal, I wrote something about my intentions. The second day, I wrote about how I still planned to write about people but that it was harder than I thought so I’d need more time to write. The third day, I think I wrote about basketball or something.

From then on, I’ve kept a journal of some kind. Not many people know that, actually. I missed some days, or weeks or months or even years, but I’ve written since then.

I always came back to that initial idea, wanting to write about people I care about, but always when I came back, I found it too hard.

Years passed, and I wrote about other stuff. I started blogs. I started this blog.

And then one day, I decided I needed to start writing about people, even if it was hard, even if what I wrote wasn’t perfect. So I wrote a profile. And then I published it. And that’s how Profiles were born.