The friend strategy

This will soon become a post at, but I thought I’d let you in on it first.

I discovered this after blog fell apart earlier this year.

A little backstory: I started blogging and writing long, interesting articles about a year ago. The problem was that I didn’t get out there and interact. As a result, the only readers were my friends. Of the non-friends who dropped by, few did anything. At times, I had hundreds of readers but no results from them.

I realized from this that the most interactive, most fulfilling, most valuable readers were my friends. That was a problem then.

Now it’s my strategy. Instead of trying to find readers for my blogs, I’m trying to make friends. Friendships take more time to build. Friendships aren’t easy. But friendships are way more powerful.

I don’t care if my blogs have a ton of readers. I want a ton of friends. But if I must choose, I’d much rather have a few friends reading, than tons of readers reading.

That’s my strategy: friending, not just for my blogs, but for life.

What’s your strategy?