The Flinch [EXPERIMENT] – The recommendation

Last but not least, tell someone about the book.

The physical act of telling someone about The Flinch didn’t scare me at all. No freezing water involved. No splintering shards of glass. Not even any strangers or uncertainty.

So why was this challenge hard? For me, this one was hard for two reasons:

  1. I know this final challenge was partially just a deliberate ploy to get people to advertise the book, marketing at it’s finest, getting the product itself to help spread the word. When a product is built like this specifically to market itself, red flags go up. In some cases when it integrates seamlessly, like with Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Ideavirus, I love the approach. With others, though, it’s a huge turn off.
  2. I don’t really like the book. Frankly, apart from the experiments, I didn’t think it was that noteworthy. Usually when I take the time, from myself and more importantly from others, to interrupt about something I think is important, I really do think it’s important. Spreading the word about a book I can’t fully endorse, feels spammy.

So I really wrestled with sharing this one. Am I doing it just for the experiment, or does this book legitimately deserve my friend’s attention?

I decided I’d bend the rules a bit.

Now that I’ve written four previous posts explaining the challenges, you should have a decent idea of what they’re all about. You might not understand what the rest of the book is about, but you have some hints.

Other than the experiments, though, the book didn’t offer much value, just repeats of what’s already been said, and a lot of rah-rah. The author could have said what he had to say in a blog post or magazine article, or a series of posts like what I’ve done here.

But I’m leaving it up to you. I’m completing the experiment by telling others about the book, but those “others” are you.

If you’re curious, if you think the book might be worth even a few minutes of your time (it’s free after all, so there’s not much obligation to read the whole thing), you can pick up a digital copy here: The Flinch.

And with that, I’ve finished the experiment.