The first life insurance plan

Not everyone has access to this. And to be fair, it’s also the most expensive plan. But it’s only the most expensive if you only have it for insurance. Hopefully, it’s deeper than that.

It’s family. The first life insurance is family, before saving up money or talking to companies or paying the companies to save up for you.

For instance, let’s say I get married and have two kids. Let’s also say that shortly after the second kid comes into the family, both my wife and I die in a car accident. What happens to the children?

Life insurance companies would have us believe that our children will go through life struggling to feed themselves, no place to live, out on the streets. In reality, though, there’s a great solution for this unlikely circumstance.

I could agree with my family – my parents, my brothers and sisters, and even my children – that if something tragic happens and one of us dies, the others will take care of my family for me.

It seems like something like this could happen naturally regardless of any pre-established agreement. Why not formalize it then – I mean, by talking it over in person – and ditch the insurance company?