The Failed list

It’s been a while since I started and then wrote about the Do, Doing, Done lists. Recently, though, in reviewing them in preparation for some big changes over the next few months for me, I realized an opportunity for another type of list to add to the bunch. I call it the Failed list.

The Failed list includes big moments in my life when I’ve gone after something but failed to achieve it. Sometimes, I’ve redirected my energy toward other pursuits on purpose. Other times, I’ve simply lost focus, and the goals have withered into nothingness. And then of course there’re just the straight up failures where, for whatever reason, I simply couldn’t accomplish what I set out to accomplish, whether because I was scared or just lacked the ability to accomplish them.

At this point, the list is a fairly softball version. I’ll eventually get braver and post some of my more haunting failures. For now, though, this gets things started and hopefully can provide an example for you if you’re interested in starting one of these lists as well.

So with that, here’s mine.