The community is the product

Community used to seem like a wonderful add-on. Now it’s the product. Right?

Rock bands used to be about the music. Maybe. But no more. They’re about the community’s they build.

You might enjoy a song or two from a band, but you only really become a fan – a fanatic – when you join the community. And in fact, that’s why you become a fan. You want to be part of a certain kind of culture.

Same with authors. Same with now any product.

Even if you think your product is completely removed from community, you’re wrong. Maybe you are completely removed from the community, but that’s because you’re failing. Really.

The products, services, brands, and causes that win are those built on the community.

Church (’tis of particular interest to me): oh, yeah… church is all about the Word of God, sermons, or worship? No, it’s not. People come for the community, the fellowship. Is that heresy? No, it’s just the way it is. You can try to change it if you want – or you can embrace it.

As soon as you and I start treating the community as the product (the purpose) instead of just a bonus, we’ll win.

Welcome to the others-oriented market.

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