The Comment 'Like' Button (and its Facebook page)

As you might have noticed, Facebook recently added a ‘like’ button to comments.

Once upon a time, you could click a button below a status that says ‘Like’ to show that you like the status without actually commenting. The idea behind it was to promote more interaction without people having to think too much to write an actual comment.

Facebook users aren’t known for their “get ‘er done-ness.”

Anyway, that status feature is still available. But…

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could ‘like’ a comment too, not just a status? I’d be a big fan – I even mentioned multiple times (as did others) that Facebook should add this feature.

Well, Facebook has heard our cries.

For me, the best part of a conversation is often the response to a status, especially when I ask a question (which I do fairly often). So now we can reward the responder (read: comment poster), not just the cult of personality-er (read: status poster).

The Comment ‘Like’ Button has come through. I ‘like’ it… literally.

See, like any true fan, I created a whole Facebook page for the Comment ‘Like’ Button. And I ‘liked’ that page. I figure, if it has it’s own fan page, and lots of fans, then Facebook is more likely to keep it around.

That’s where you come in. If you like the Comment ‘Like’ Button, come visit the page and ‘like’ it… and help make sure it sticks around.

>> The Comment ‘Like’ Button page <<