The Cinderella Way

My sister, who’s 10 years old right now, was supposed to wash dishes the other day. She ended up taking an hour and a half to finish about six plates and cups and six spoons. When asked about her longishness, she said it’s the “Cinderella Way.”

Cinderella, of course, is known for working hard while her older, half-siblings goof around, so the rest of the family didn’t get it. Until my sister explained further.

According to my sister, everyone thinks Cinderella works 14-hour days, but if you watch the movie, that’s just not true. Cinderella actually does the same amount of work as the other sisters, but she takes breaks in between to sing and dance.

Ah, now I know the “real” Cinderella Way… and so do you.

Thanks, Raquel.