The best part about couchsurfing

First, I landed in the country.

Second, I made a friend.

Third, I asked.

It’s really not that hard to find a place to stay if you’re on you’re own. It’s especially easy if you’re a single guy and don’t mind staying pretty much anywhere.

That’s me, a single guy traveling alone, and I don’t mind staying anywhere.

As it turned out, though, my friend lived near a cool part of town, where I’d end up hanging out anyway. So not only did I save money on a place to stay, I also saved money not having to pay for cabs all over the place. And I learned how to get around, where to eat, stuff like that.

The best part, though, is making a friend. Forget the money saved, the convenience, even the foreignness.¬†Ever since I first heard about couchsurfing, I wanted to surf in a foreign country. I just didn’t realize how much I’d enjoy it. And I didn’t realize what part I’d enjoy most.