Thank: ______ [Fill in the blank]

I love that word.


It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s powerful.

I like short, sweet, and powerful. I like to think of myself that way. Moving right along, though…

I have a bumper sticker for encouragement, specifically the word “encourage.” It goes like this:

Encourage: (v.) to put courage in

Now I’d like to have one for thankfulness too. But I don’t know how to say it. So far, I’ve gone with this:

Thank: (v.) to express gratitude

I like it. I like the definition, I mean. But it doesn’t have the same ring to it as the encourage one. “ENcourage” goes well with “courage IN.”

That kind of coolness doesn’t happen with my thank bumper sticker right now. So I’m throwing this out to you. How could I make this more snappy while keeping the meaning of “express gratitude”?