Ten O-one Ten: Take 1

I feel phenomenal.

You could accuse me of overusing the word “amazing,” and you’d be right. But I don’t take “phenomenal” in vain.

I really do feel phenomenal.

Yesterday – 10/01/10 – blessings stacked on blessings, which stacked on even more blessings. I had a chance to hang out with my grandma, friends from church, friends online, family… toward the end of the day, everywhere I turned, I enjoyed amazing conversations with people and tons of encouragement.

I can’t share many details about what happened because most of it’s too private or personal for now. I can just say that it was another day in my life where I realized – in a huge way – how much I love friendships.

Before posting this, I even started writing out a list of reasons I’m¬†especially thankful for yesterday. I’ll continue to study it to figure out how to repeat it, or at least copy the amazingness… or at least save the memory.

For now, since I can’t share everything with you, I wanted to mark this memory with a blog post. Because in a couple years, perhaps less, I’ll write another post (called “Ten O-one Ten: Take 2”) and explain more of what happened. I want to have something to link to.

And someday, I want to be part of one of these days for you.