Team Spoons

As I mentioned yesterday, we invented this game (though someone else might have already invented it for all I know) a few hours before Ted’s surprise 18th birthday party.

Team Spoons is an active card game similar to regular Spoons except each player has a teammate. If one teammate misses a spoon, that teammate becomes a floater. A floater doesn’t get any cards but can still attempt to grab a spoon for the team.

Everyone who grabs a spoon gets cards the following round. If in one round neither teammate grabs a spoon, that team is eliminated.

One spoon is still removed after each round. So even though no one is eliminated in some rounds, the game eventually will end because the spoons will eventually run out.

It’s a bit confusing at first, even if you already know how to play regular spoons. But it keeps everyone involved longer than regular Spoons even though the total game time is roughly the same.

We played with about 20 people (i.e. 10 teams and 19 spoons to start with). Next time you have a large group, try it out instead of regular Spoons. If you stick with it until you understand how to play, I think you’ll enjoy it.