Teaching Sunday school for personal deveopment

Teach Sunday school if only for purely selfish reasons.

Teaching Sunday school is (I think) top ten in my list of personal development hacks. And why does no one talk about this?

Okay, teaching grade school or something like that could pull the same thing, but Sunday school is easier to get involved in. For me, it’s quite easy in fact.

So why? Why is it so amazing?

Because it combines creativity with simplicity.

Kids won’t pay attention for too long. (Neither will adults, but we pretend they do.) So to keep it fresh, a Sunday school teacher has to constantly think of creative tricks to keep the class moving.

But wait… there’s more. Creativity is not enough. A Sunday school teacher might come up with some brilliant craft or game or whatever, but too often the kids don’t care… because it’s too complicated.

Simplicity is key. Simplicity mixed with creativity.

And one last ingredient: care. Kids care when the teacher cares.

[Maybe I’ll write more about this as I learn more. For now, I’m off to teach.]