Tea and coffee, Ethiopia and Ecuador

In Ethiopia, the last day I was there, literally hours before I hopped on the plane back to Saudi Arabia, a friend and I visited a coffee shop. We needed to kill some time before takeoff. My friend ordered an espresso, if I remember correctly, and I ordered something I’d never had before.

Not only had I never had this beverage before, I didn’t even know what it was when I ordered it. It was the item in the coffee list that I’d never tried. It was called a Spreeze (although at the time, I think it was spelled “sprits,” but I can’t be sure).

When it arrived, I noticed it had a frothy milk on the top, creamy it looked. After I tasted it, I knew I liked it. It tasted familiar, though, more familiar than I thought it would taste. After a few sips, it finally occurred to me that it tasted like a mixture of coffee and tea.

I knew then that I wanted to bring this delicious beverage back with me to the western world.

I landed in Saudi early the next morning, brewed my normal tea, and went to work a few days later, promptly forgetting all about this new drink I’d tried. It wasn’t until Ecuador, when a friend responded to the question, “Tea or coffee?” with, “Yes,” that I remembered back to Ethiopia, the tea and coffee drink I’d tried.

So yeah, if you’ve never tried it, try it (assuming you like tea and coffee of course). I’ve only ever had it with milk too, so I’d suggest that route as well. Enjoy.