Taking back the backyard

We purchased a pool. It’s not a big one, just one of those inflatable ring pools. A friend told me it’s called a popup pool.

We set it up Saturday and started enjoying it Sunday.

The best part for me is that it’s moved us outside. As the summer heats up, we’ll continue to be able to spend time outside.

Most of the time, we end up inside, playing in our phones, staring at one kind of screen or another, streaming one kind of entertainment or another. We might as well be jacked into the matrix. At least then, it would feel real.

With the pool, we’re able to get some fresh air, quality vitamins from the  sun, and the a chance to let our eyes focus on something further than 20′ away.

We have a large backyard, compared to others in the neighborhood. It extends back behind our detached garage, far enough out to play volleyball, let’s say, and throw a Frisbee at the same time, without worrying about someone hitting anyone.

Last year, though, we didn’t use it that much.

This year, I imagine we’ll be out there a lot more, as long the pool holds up.