Swollen eyebrow

Yesterday, I woke up with what felt like a bit of knot in the skin beneath my right eyebrow. I mentioned something about it to my roommate but then quickly forgot about it in the day’s activities. Later in the evening, that knot had grown. It had grown to the point where I could visibly see the rim around the top of my eye swelling.

A Thai friend took me to a pharmacy and helped me pick up some anti-inflammatory tablets, hoping to reduce the swelling or at least prevent it from continuing further.

I applied a frozen water bottle to the area as well. And then I went to sleep.

Sleeping scared me. I imagined waking up with this swollen eye, unable to see, unable to do anything. I wasn’t in pain before, but who knows what can happen during a night’s sleep, when the fluids in my head drain into the pockets around my eye. Let’s just say I wasn’t looking forward to what might happen.

As it turned out, it hadn’t swollen much during the night. It hadn’t improved a whole lot either, but it hadn’t gotten worse. For that, I’m thankful.