Sunglasses break on me

I go through a pair or two a year. It’s not because styles change – no matter what the style, sunglasses are always in style.

No, the reason I go through sunglasses is because…

They break on me. No, I don’t break them. They break on me.

I’m the victim here.

And it happened again a month ago. The lens on my last pair changed colors on me. Really. One lens turned greenish, while the other stayed brown. What’s up with that?

I felt at first like I was wearing 3D glasses or something. But I knew I needed the upgrade when I stopped noticing the 3D problem.

Like I said, I’m the victim here.

Now I’m sporting some new shades. Cheap as always because I don’t like spending too much on glasses if they’re just going to break on me.

Yes, yes, you’re thinking, “Maybe your glasses break because they’re cheap.”

No, absolutely not. I’m the victim here (or maybe I just enjoy picking out new glasses).