Suji-gu: My second official announcement

Now it’s simply a matter of how fast the Korean officials in Korea, the Korean consulate in Chicago, and the U. S. Postal Service can process my E2 visa. Meaning, it’s not simple at all.

Still, I should be there within the month. That’s what my contract says.

You might remember, I had been looking for a teaching position in Seoul, but this school changed my mind. I’ll tell more about that later.

Suji-gu is about 40 kilometers south of Seoul and right along the extended Bundang subway line. I should be able to make it to Seoul pretty often if I want to. In Suji, though, I’ll be much closer to the whole Everland amusement park and resort scene along with random hiking in the surrounding mountains. I’m also super interested in the Korean Folk Village.

That’s some of  fun of the area, to say nothing of the people. The rest? I really can’t say. I’ll let you know when I get there. :>)