Story soundtracks: The music of life

For some reason in Alaska, I started saying lyrics from songs I know, blending them into my conversations. I didn’t do it a lot, but I started thinking about it more than I actually said them out loud.

I don’t really know that many lyrics, certainly not that many considering that I’m a musician. Still, it’s pretty easy to come up with lines that play the mood of the moment.

Writing a few months ago, I realized that over the course of a couple days, I had a different song and melody for each general feel throughout that period of time. So I included it in my writing, and those melodies helped me feel the stories.

Writing and speaking in lyrics made me think: it makes sense that I would play music over my life and that music would play in the scenes I remember over the course of my life. I should pay more attention to that music. I should write the soundtracks for my stories too.