Stop hating a seventh of your life

One day in a fit of frustrated inspiration, I blurted out:

“If you hate all Mondays, you hate a seventh of your life.”

The rational is simple but often overlooked. Considering your life is made of weeks and a seventh of each week is a Monday, you can figure out the rest.

Have you noticed how many of your friends start complaining at the start of the business week? Whether it’s complaining about boring lectures or crummy bosses, I’m inundated with complaints on Monday.

I specifically noticed this problem on Facebook. Check it out if you have a minute (and a Facebook). Scan your friends’ statuses and see how many complain, in some way or another, simply because it’s Monday.

On rare occasions, I can understand a legitimate complaint (though I still won’t agree with the complaint), but every Monday? Come on.

Crush the habit.

Pay attention to your attitude toward Mondays. If Mondays’re that painful, consider planning a special activity for Mondays to help cut the lousiness.

Otherwise, like I said, you’ll hate away a seventh of your life (sounds like “the machine” from The Princess Bride). And as my friend, Dru, so aptly put it, “That doesn’t even include dentist appointments and stuff.”