Starting the New England piece of my 50 state goal

We’re headed to New England.

The plan is to drive the full 14 hour drive today, make it all the way to Rhode Island from Kentucky.

I’ve never been to Rhode Island. I’ve never been to Massachusetts either. We’re trying to visit as many of these northeastern states as we can. I’m trying to visit all 50 states before I turn 30.

Here’s what I have left:

  1. Maine
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Vermont
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Connecticut
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Minnesota
  9. Nebraska
  10. South Dakota
  11. North Dakota
  12. Wyoming
  13. Montana
  14. Idaho
  15. Oregon
  16. Hawaii

That’s a lot left for about a year and half, especially with all the fun starting toward the end of October.