Spoken words [EXPERIMENT]

Maybe it’s that I happened across some YouTube poetry recently. Maybe it’s that I lost my voice. Maybe the combination reminded me that I’ve been interested in this for a while.

As some of you know, I pretty much hated poetry for a while. Then I wanted to learn to at least appreciate it. Then I actually became a fan, at least of some of it. Now I want to experiment with it.

I already sort of have, secretly. Well, it hasn’t really been in secret. I just haven’t called it an experiment. I haven’t even called it poetry. (In fact, I’m still not sure I want to call it poetry.)

What I’d like to try is recording some spoken words.

As hard as it might be to believe, I don’t like the sound of my voice. That’s pretty much how I felt about my written words, though, more or less, when I first began writing. That’s why the experiment.

To kick this off, I’d like to try recording some of the posts I’ve already written, instead of trying to write and record new content from scratch. That’s the plan for now.

So, want to help? If you have a favorite post you’d like to hear me read or recite, let me know. I’m taking suggestions.