Sleeping sitting up [EXPERIMENT]

The other day, I read a post on sleeping sitting up. Perfect, I thought, I’ve been wanting a new experiment to tackle for a while now.

So last night, I started. I set myself up on the couch with one pillow supporting my lower back and another supporting my neck and head. I also grabbed a blanket and draped that over my legs and waist.  Then I closed my eyes and sat.

I tried to fall asleep like that for about an hour. Part of the way through it, I started to slump to one side. Overall, though, the slouching wasn’t bad. Thinking back to it now, I think my head might have been leaning back a little too much. I’ll try to keep it more upright tonight.

The biggest problem, though, was that I just couldn’t get to sleep. I got to the point where everything felt fuzzy, like I was just about to drift off, but I could still hear everything, the movie playing in the background.

Eventually, after a little over an hour, I tipped to one side, slipped the pillow from behind my back, and fell asleep that way. From the post I read, it could take anywhere from one to three months to work up to sleeping a whole night sitting up. I have time.