Sleeping sitting up [EXPERIMENT] – Night 3

Night #1, as I said before, didn’t go so well. Night #2 felt about the same. On night #3, though, I finally fell asleep sitting up.

I set up the pillows to support myself like I did the first night. I propped my head up straighter, hoping that would keep me from waking up feeling like I’d slept with my mouth open.

The hard part about falling asleep sitting up isn’t so much the position of my body but the position of my head. Thinking back, I’ve realized that when I’ve slept in other awkward places or positions in the past, I’ve always been able to slump my head, at least getting it diagonal. That’s the difference that makes all the difference.

When I woke up this morning, I’d slumped to one side. I guess I hadn’t spent the whole night sitting up. I still have to work on that. I’m making progress, though – at least I fell asleep with my head upright, a harder-than-I-thought achievement.