Sleep schedule [EXPERIMENT]

My next experiment will focus on sleep. At first, I’d like to specifically experiment with sticking to a sleep schedule.

I haven’t had a bedtime in I have no idea how long. I know for sure from when I turned 15 to when I turned 16, I never went to sleep before midnight. That’s like a reverse bedtime.

Since then, I’ve stayed up late, college of course got crazy, and then afterward my sleeping happened all over the place.

Since Korea, it’s been even worse. Even though I have a fairly consistent work schedule, it’s from 2:00pm to 10:00pm, Monday through Friday. This makes it hard to live on a normal schedule, especially since I’m predisposed to living in the night.

Over the past two, three months, though, it’s gotten crazy. Staying up until 5:00am is pretty normal. Sleeping until 1:00pm is too. If I kept it consistent, it might work out, even though six hours still feels pretty slim.

Problem is, it’s anything but consistent. One morning, I’ll wake up at 6:00am. The next night, I’ll go to sleep around then. It’s fun on the adventure but tough on the body.

So. . . yeah. I’m pretty sure my next experiment’s going to focus on my sleep schedule. I’m not going to update about it each day, maybe not even each week. Instead, I’m just going to track what’s happening and report on it toward the end, or perhaps a few times┬ásporadically throughout.

I’m planning to kick this off at the top of November. We’ll see how it goes, hopefully not zombieland.