Signature knocks

Knock, knock.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me.”

“It’s me who?”

“It’s me, Marshall. What’s going on?”

Oh, no! I wish I hadn’t answered, he thought.

Are you one of the countless masses of people who wish you knew who it was at the door before you open it or reveal that you’re home? On the other side of the door, do you find yourself one of the frustrated knockers who just wishes you could communicate who you are with a simple knock instead of slogging through this mindless charade each time?

Well, now you can! With signature knocks.

Signature knocks allow you to communicate your identity with the touch of a knuckle. Just choose a memorable knock combination by copying a beat or melody to a song or create your own, pound out the pattern next time you knock, and consistently return to that pattern each time you knock in the future wherever you are.

Before you know it, everyone will know your knock, and they’ll no longer ask, “Who’s there?”