September 11, a decade later

“Ten years ago today, I was in our home in Ontario, CA – was just after 6 a.m. – and I had just turned on the tv as the plane hit the first tower, couldn’t believe it. As the day wore on, realized that I remember well the radio reports of Pearl Harbor being bombed but being a child, didn’t comprehend the meaning until later. Twice in my lifetime is enough!” -Nancy Giles


Ten years ago today, I was at home in Louisville, KY. Just about to start school, Poppy tells us to turn on the TV, now. I thought it would be fun. A break from school to watch something on TV in the morning was definitely exciting.

Until we saw the building on fire.

And then the second airplane hit the second building. I remember that, wow. And then – one after another – both buildings fell, but not before people jumped out of the windows to save themselves from burning to death.

Still, I’ve only lived through it once.