Secret mission revealed: Spanish in 9 months

At the start of the year, I decided the secret project, the mission I would try to accomplish without telling anyone while I was away in Saudi Arabia, would be to learn Spanish.

The plan was simple. Teach English during the day. Study Spanish in the afternoon, a few hours each day. I’ll get into more of the details of how I tackled this project (and how I wanted to tackle it) later.

For now, the big announcement is just to tell you what I tried to do and to say that it pretty much failed. I’ll get into why it failed in another post. In general, though, it failed because I didn’t put in the effort I needed to, which is a lesson in itself: learning a language is a lot of work, both emotionally and intellectually.

But that’s it. Secret project #3 was to learn Spanish, to conversational fluency, in nine months.