Search dot twitter

Have you googled lately? I do every single day.

But there’s a new search in town. And it’s not Microsoft’s Bing. Google totally rocks that market.

[Technically, it’s actually been around for a while. But if you’re not a geek, you probably still don’t know about it – much less use it.]

It’s Search.twitter changes the way we think of search.

Why search.twitter?

Three words: real time search.

Google took a while to index each page. Not much time, but a delay nonetheless. Plus, Google ranks established pages higher in the results. This is ideal if you’re searching for somewhat timeless information.

But what if, instead of wanting to know what a website said about a topic yesterday, you want to know what individual people are saying about a specific topic right now?

Enter Search.twitter.

It’s amazing because it solves a different problem. It searches conversations instead of information.

In a couple years, Twitter might go the way of Friendster and Myspace. It might die.

The important thing is that it’s out there. Now no matter what the next “in” site is, there’s going to be a search function. Because it’s so amazing. (Facebook’s search already started copying Search.twitter.)

Now go play around with it: search.twitter.