Save what you save

I grew up a saver. I enjoy it. It rarely feels like a sacrifice. I usually enjoy the challenge. I actually get exited about it.

But it’s like the chocolate. I often find myself saving money but not saving the money.

I’ll get the cheaper can of soup, do without the soft drink, avoid the car payment.

But then I just go along my normal life and never see those savings in any tangible way. My bank account has more money, but I don’t notice that, not usually anyway.

What I’m learning now is that in order for saving to matter, I have to actually save the money somewhere.

  • When I get the cheaper can of soup, I need to pull the savings out, like with cash back at the register, and then put that money in an envelope to save toward a goal.
  • When I do without the soft drink, I need to stash a couple bucks from my wallet in that same envelope with the soup money.
  • When I avoid the car payment, I ought to set up a corresponding auto-payment toward a retirement account.

Otherwise, the savings feel like they filter off into nowhere.