Sad to leave Bangkok

I didn’t feel sad when I left Laos.

I didn’t feel sad when I left Cambodia either.

I do feel sad, though, as I’m waiting to leave Thailand.

I never got to say goodbyes the right way. Mostly, we said goodbye assuming we’d see each other again. But then we didn’t.

This happened with almost every one of my closest friends here in Bangkok. Marko, Oil, Tom, Jolish – the friends I hung out with the most – I never said bye to them the right way.

I think that’s part of why I feel sad, but it’s not all of it. Even if I had said proper farewells, I still think I’d feel sad right now.

The bigger part of why I think I feel sad is because I’m leaving friends. “Your world is the one you’re with.” So for the past five weeks, these were my world, my best friends. And I’m leaving now with no intention, at least at this point, of seeing any of them ever again.

Farewell, Bangkok, and by “Bangkok” I mean my friends here.