Rockin' life

What does “rockin’ life” mean? It’s time to explain.

Imagine a sea. In this sea, two things can rock:

  1. small things like leaves and rafts and even ships
  2. big things like volcanoes, islands, and even continents

Life is the sea. The leaves and rafts and ships, while staying afloat (an accomplishment in itself), are those who let life happen to them. They survive, but the sea rocks them.

I’m the volcano. I rock the sea. I happen to life – life doesn’t happen to me. And everyone floating in the sea is rocked by the sea, which I rocked.

Anyone can choose to be either a rocker or a rocked. Rockin’ the sea – which rocks the leaves, rafts, and ships – is a huge responsibility. Think of how that volcano feels. But it’s much easier to thrive when you’re the one rockin’ instead of the one being rocked.

That’s what I mean by rockin’ life.