Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Most of the guys didn’t want to visit Riyadh. “Just a bigger Jubail,” they said. The ones who had been before or even lived there didn’t have great things to say about it either. Still, two friends and I went anyway. And we enjoyed it.

  1. The drive, starting at 4:00 to get to the city by 9:00 in the morning
  2. The museum, more modern and well put together than I ever expected
  3. The square, Dirah Square, the place for the public beheadings
  4. The hotel downtown in the heart of the city
  5. The shawarma, times two for each of us, that almost put us in a food coma with its goodness
  6. The mall in the Kingdom tower where the Saudi girl said, “Wow!”
  7. The observation deck that stunned me when I walked out on it and continued to please us with its coffee and view as the sun sank slowly down the sky
  8. The Souqs and the antiques and the auctions and the glimpses into Saudi culture we’d not seen before
  9. The sugar cane juice freshly juiced in front of us
  10. The Arabic coffee and dates and the Saudi who spoke with us

“Get out and see Saudi,” he said. “Don’t forget it. You are only here for a period of time. Spend the time well.”

He put into words what we’d realized with this trip. I think we were all thrilled that we took advantage of the opportunity to experience this city, the capital of Saudi Arabia, before leaving the Kingdom for the last time.