Representing how I think

While writing a draft for a future post, I remembered a thought I had a while ago. I wondered if I’d written about it on Marshallogue. So I searched and, turns out, I had.

This has happened many times in the past, and I even wrote about it once. This time, though, another thought occurred to me: maybe over time Marshallogue will become the best representation of how I think.

I mean, for a while now, I’ve considered Marshallogue a chronicle of what happens in my head. But the longer I write, the more accurate that description becomes. I can now search the site and find many of my most common thoughts spelled out in one way or another.

Sure, my actual thoughts are quite a bit more complex and quite a bit more confused. But as far as representations go, Marshallogue could be, perhaps, the most accurate available now.

Or maybe that’s naive. Maybe spending a day with me, or a week or a month or a year with me, would provide a more accurate representation.

In many ways, I think the way I think shows itself best in how I react to situations. Maybe spending time with me in person then or watching as I make decisions, watching for what motivates me — maybe that would reveal more about my thoughts.

Either way, it seems like Marshallogue, perhaps with a little cultivation, will naturally grow to become a more and more comprehensive representation of how I think.

And that makes me want to further develop my writing here, especially to publish my thoughts freely. It makes me consider a question I’m not sure I want to answer: “What do I have to write to most accurately represent how I honestly think?”