I remember learning to take a selfie

My grandma – GraMelissa – had this green, disposable camera. Remember those?

We were taking pictures, and she said, “Here, let me show you something.”

She pulled my face together with hers, turned the camera around, held it out at arms length, and snapped a photo.

Whoa, you can do that? I thought. How do you know what your picture looks like? What’s if it’s a bad picture? Then you’ve just wasted that shot. There are only 24 in that thing.

I grew up frugal. I don’t remember having a lot of disposable cameras. Taking photos itself was a novelty. Turning the camera around to snap a photo of ourselves, a photo we couldn’t see until it was developed, seemed terribly risky.

But that’s why it was fun. I’d never done that before.

Now you take a selfie and turn the camera around to look at it immediately. You just delete it if it’s no good.